Top attractions in Rome

Rome is the capital of Italy. It is well known for its inspiring art, vibrant street life, and charismatic sites. In a city that has so much, it’s hard to know where to go first. This article is just for that In this article, we will look at what are the best places to visit in Rome, which is the best place to eat in Rome, and some of ‘The’ places Rome is known for.

Vatican City

Starting with Vatican City, One of the most if not the most famous places in Rome. Vatican City is the smallest independent state in the world, it has an area of half a square kilometer. But the small area still offers a lot to look at St. Peter’s Basilica: The centerpiece of the Vatican, the Raphael Rooms, Appartamento Borgia, and Cappella Niccolini, Pinacoteca, and Sistine Chapel are just some of the few places that are sure not to miss when you visit Vatican City.


The Colosseum is listed as one of the seven wonders of the world. The Colosseum is an oval amphitheater in the center of the city of Rome, Italy. It is built of travertine limestone, tuff, and brick-faced concrete, it is the largest amphitheater ever built. If you have never seen it, It is surely an experience to gaze your eyes on this massive beauty.

Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore

Rome is well known for its Churches and the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore is considered one of the most important Catholic churches in Rome. Founded in the 4th century. Its 18th-century exterior conceals one of the best-preserved Byzantine interiors in the city. If you are here on August 5 you may want to attend the Miracle of the Snows celebration when thousands of white petals are dropped from the ceiling.

Janiculum Terrace

Rome is well known for its Sunset views, and Janiculum Terrace is considered as one of the best places in Rome to see the sunset. Janiculum Terrace is a terrace on the second tallest hill in Rome that offers an amazing view of the city. It gives an exceptional panoramic view of the Vatican city and the city of Rome that is capable of filling anyone’s heart with awe.

The Pantheon

The pantheon is one of the best-preserved Roman buildings in Rome, The Pantheon was built for the Roman Gods in 126 AD. It is now a Catholic church. Its magnificent dome is a testimony to the genius of Roman architects and as the architecture is totally intact, it offers the visitors a doorway to visit Rome of 2000 years back.

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Top 3 Fun Winter Activities for Your Family

Are you always tempted to stay all day indoors during the winter season? You are not alone. Winter can be brutal, and all one wishes is to take a cup of cocoa and sleep on the couch for the whole day.

But this shouldn’t be the case. There are amazing winter activities that you can do. 

Winter fun activities are a great way to bond with your family, invite friends, and have fun together. The following are top fun sports that will keep you warm and entertained throughout the winter season. 

i. Go Ice Skating.

Ice skating is a perfect sport for the family during the winter season. Skating is affordable, no matter the size of your family. The only cost that the family will incur is the cost of acquiring ice skating gears, which mainly include skates and helmet. 

Before you join any skating group as a family acquires safe and comfortable skating gear. They should be easy to put on, the helmet must fit properly, and nothing should be forcefully fitted. 

No one will have fun when they are cold. Ensure everyone is warm enough to skate through the cold weather. It’s recommended for the children to wear ski pants. The pants will pad their falls and as well keep them warm. Everyone should have helmet liners and waterproof gloves. 

ii. Host Winter Parties Over a Bonfire

A winter party cannot be a party without a beautiful bonfire blazing. The bonfire makes it fun and cozy to entertain all your quests for any outdoor winter events. 

Cheer up the guests with games and dancing around the fire no matter how cold it is. Have some barbecue around the fire. Let the children play but with close supervision. 

Bonfire events are fun. However, it’s important to take some special caution and care. Ensure that your guests are safe, comfortable, and warm. 

Set your fireplace in a safer place with no structure and overhanging trees nearby. Make the ground safe for everyone by piling the firewood together. Remove all loose stones that might trip anyone. 

Before setting a bonfire, ensure you understand all the county fire codes. Always operate a portable fireplace or fire pit according to the instructions given by the manufacturer. Put some gallons of water or fire extinguishers near for any emergency. 

iii. Go Ice Fishing.

Take your family out for a lifetime experience. When fishing, its important to note that the minimum ice thickness needed to safely fish is four inches of dark, hard and clear ice and not snow ice. 

Measure the thickness of the ice before you start fishing.  

Teach your children how to fish. 

Ice fishing is fun when you take with portable shelters and gas-grills. As you fish, you can roast your game and enjoy it together with your family at the fishing 

Too snowy to go outside? 

Find fun, indoor activities that will excite your children. Teach them a new recipe. Let them cook. They will learn and have fun at the same time. Play indoor games like cards, checkers, or chess. Try karaoke or if have serious skills record a song in a recording studio like These fun indoor activities will bring your family or group together and create everlasting memories!


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