Are you planning for a weekend getaway but are not sure where to head straight to? No worries as there are many incredible and jaw-dropping weekend getaways in the USA. Yes, there are and that is why we are here to share some amazing weekend getaway locations.

As the weekend approaches, we are often in a fix where to plan the weekend trip. Some may want to simply lay down and relax on beautiful beaches, some may wish to drink craft beer or attend some festival, some may even prefer going on a hike. Likewise, there are plenty of activities that you can do in quick succession over the weekend without having to plan much. No matter what you plan to do, we have compiled a list of the best cities for weekend getaways in the US-

  • Nashville

It is home to country music, awesome chicken, plenty of barbecues, and street art. It is an excellent place to have lots of fun on your weekend. It is extremely popular amongst the youngsters, especially for the bachelorette party destination. You can enjoy a great weekend in this music city in the US. Amongst the fun activities, you can also explore Ole Opry, Johnny Cash Museum, Country’s music hall of fame, and street art.

  • Seattle

It has an amazing dramatic backdrop of Mount Rainier and is one of the most popular west coast weekend getaways in the US. A weekend getaway is a perfect time to explore the city through Pike Place Market, visit the famous Chihuly Museum and Museum of Pop culture.

  • New Orleans

A weekend in New Orleans is all about a lot of Jazz, awesome finger-licking delicious food, and a lot of music. There is no fun-loving place like this one. You can plan a day excursion as well while visiting the plantation tour and other different themed tours.

  • Miami

If you wish to soak up some fun on the beach then head straight towards Miami. It has one of the best urban beaches on the planet. Miami is such a place where you don’t have to limit yourself up to the beaches. There’s a lot to explore from the perspective of Art in Little Havana, street art in Wynnewood, and awesome views at Biscayne Bay.

  • Savannah

It is one of the most stunningly beautiful historic centres in the US. A perfect place that is neither too big nor small and is awesomely packed with the best food you would love to binge on. You can also plan your visit through all 22 of Savannah’s town squares, tour the house museum, and visit Forsyth Park. The city has a lot to offer for the shoppers especially at the river street, city market.

  • Las Vegas

Las Vegas city is one of the most iconic cities for all weekend getaways in the US. It is the best and prime destination for a short weekend trip. First-time visitors would love the casinos, hotels, fountain shows, and downtown area. 

  • Austin

It is the live music capital of the world and is home to the famous SXSW festival. It is a city full of classic American charm and is the best if you are looking forward to a weekend getaway. Over the weekend, you can head straight to the South congress for fabulous food, boutiques, street art, and awesome nightlife. In addition to this, it is surrounded by Texas Hill and so you can plan for at least one hike in Austin to the nearby towns or wineries.

These are some of the renowned and popular places you can head for your weekend. You will have a lot of options and activities to choose from and they are not just confined for the elderly but the kids can enjoy them too. So what are you waiting for, get ready to make your summers enjoyable and happening with this awesome list of places to explore. 

Get ready and make you every weekend count! 


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